Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is an allergic reaction triggered by problems centered on the body's immune systems. A lot of medical experts agree that a debilitating stressful physical or emotional situation can be detected where the immune system weakens and your body becomes prone to it. The lichen planus is often shiny and appears as flat surface bumps on the skin that may be red in violet color. The skin disorder can occur anywhere on the skin but is commonly found in the ankles, lower legs, wrists, back, and neck with some found in the genitals, hair, and nails. The skin lesions will have a diversity of attributes connected to their form, size, and color, all of which will assist you in identifying the condition. Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus can decrease the symptoms and provide you relief.

Symptoms and Causes of Lichen Planus

Lichen planus can make you much distress as it affects your physical appearance. Understanding the lichen planus symptoms and getting acquainted with what to do will help you repair your skin and treat yourself to hair loss. There are dissimilar Causes of the condition of Lichen Planus. It is not contagious and not caused by any type of bacteria or other known pathogens, although it is probable for the lesions to become infected by staph or other bacteria.

Lichen planus may be triggered by certain health conditions, as well as some medications; probable triggers include:

  • Flu vaccine;

  • Hepatitis B vaccine;

  • Hepatitis C infection;

  • Certain pigments (paints) and metals;

  • NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen;

A few medications used to treat heart disease, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

There is something that can help with the symptoms of Lichen Planus, and patients can have a lot of help on this front. If you expect yourself to find a cure for the condition from traditional medicine, however, a difficult time will come. But there are those few brave souls who are willing to try out other medicine to find a treatment and, more often than not, they do find it.

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus

Treatments have been developed in conventional medicine to deal with inflammation because Lichen is mostly a problem that involves inflammation. It is considered by various that ending the inflammation is a cure. But the fact remains that the inflammation could return at a later date. Therefore, it is not actually a cure. It would be more correct to call it a treatment instead of a 'cure'. Here are some of the Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus that people have found most effective.

Grape seed oil is one of the ingredients used in Natural Treatment for Lichen Planus that helps reduce or prevent scarring. Like Babassu, it contains essential fatty acids. Like Functional Keratin, it has antioxidant activity.

Using ice application on the affected areas helps to minimize the inflammation. Wrapping ice in a napkin or towel and placing it on the wounds for 5-10 minutes will remove the itch and burn to form a cold compress.

Oatmeal Bath's natural exfoliating and cleansing properties, along with its effect against inflammation, can improve the symptoms of lichen planus.

It is possible that having enough vitamin A in the diet can reduce the symptoms. Diets rich in vitamin A include meaty liver, carrots, and leafy greens like road and spinach.

Spend some time in the sun, exposing the affected areas to sunlight, and eat vitamin D foods like tuna or salmon and egg yolks.

Tea Tree Oil can be diluted with water and applied to the affected area some times a day to relieve various symptoms connected with the problem. Tea tree oil is one of the famous Herbal Supplement for Lichen Planus and many other diseases.

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus Reduction the Itch

Men and women with lichen planus may find the following Herbal Treatment for Lichen Planus to be helpful in easing the itch and soreness:

  • Soaking in a colloidal oatmeal bath

  •   Aloe vera gel

  • Avoid spicy, acidic, and hard foods.

  • Cool compresses

  • Vitamin A and D supplements

  • Apply a thin layer of this homemade herbal cream on lichen planus rashes

  • If you have genital lichen planus, don’t use soap to clean up. Just water is fine.

  • Stay clear from drinking alcohol and smoking.

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